Grupo de NanotecnoloGIA

E ciência à nanoescala



    The Group for Nano - Scale Science and Nanotechnology (GNCN), created in 1992 by Professor Rui Lobo, from the Physics Department of Faculty of Science and Technology - New University of Lisbon (FCT-UNL), has laboratory facilities inside the Campus da Caparica, in general designated by Nanophysics and Energy Laboratory (LNE), where it is held scientific research and technological development in these areas .

    The activities of GNCN-LNE are based on recent progress of Nanophysics, with special emphasis on their applications to alternative paradigms of energy and sustainability, especially concerning energy efficiency and energy harvesting as well as aspects related to the hydrogen economy (production and storage). Innovative processes and prototypes in the areas of Engineering and Physics of Propulsion and Energy are studied and developed, particularly involving  hydrogen, fuel cells and renewable energies .

     Presently it is part of the Center for Technologies and Systems (CTS-UNINOVA) at FCT -UNL and maintains collaboration with the Institute for Science and Engineering Materials and Surfaces (ICEMS) at IST. It is also involved in collaborations with other centers and departments of FCT - UNL , in particular the Department of Physics.

    The GNCN-LNE also collaborates with PERLs (Propulsion and Energy Research Labs) which is a scientific association without commercial purposes, formed under an agreement between researchers from different portuguese universities, which Professor Rui Lobo co-signed .